High School

High School

Celebrating 38 Years Onstage: Mount Madonna School's "Ramayana!"

Ramayana!, the Mount Madonna School (MMS) sword-and-sorcery epic now in its 38th year, features an original rock-n-roll score and magical characters who encounter danger and love, good versus evil, duty, heroic action and sacrifice. Performances on June 10-12 at the Mexican Heritage Theater in San Jose. 

HSBVB JV Practice

Apr 14, 2016

Student Spotlight: Tyler Sullens

Name, age, grade, city of residence:
Tyler Sullens, 17, senior, Soquel
What inspires you? 
Music and other people. I like to have somebody to push me in all things from grades to running.
What is your favorite subject in school, and why? 

Elkhorn Slough Kayaking - 3rd & 12th grade

Apr 26, 2016

9th Grade Field Trip: Marine Biology Field Study at Elkhorn Slough

Apr 28, 2016

HSBVB - JV Volleyball Tournament @ Watsonville High

Apr 23, 2016

HS Track & Field Practice at Aptos High

Apr 13, 2016

Snapchat Snapshot: Students Use Mobile Messaging App for Women’s History Lessons

March is Women's History Month! When the twelfth graders in Mount Madonna School's American Women's History class got together to brainstorm ideas for celebrating Women's History Month, they came up with an interesting and creative way to raise awareness among their peers, the campus community and beyond – using social media, and specifically the mobile messaging app, Snapchat.

Middle-High Movie Night

Location: RoomA2

  • Big Hero 6
  • The Incredibles

Pizza available at $2 per slice

Apr 08, 2016

Choosing Who to Become: High School Students Attend Career Forum

What do you want to do after high school? Which college or university will you attend? What major? What DO you want to DO with your life? Most high school students will confirm that as their studies progress, these questions, often with an increased urgency during senior year, are regularly asked of them by family, friends and other well-intended folks.